There comes a point in one’s life, when the mundane, day to day, and same schedule, just doesn’t cut it. The constant striving for success, fear of failure, comparison to others, and selfish desires, runs you into a rut of boredom. In these moments, it is easy to think it is a lame existence that plagues you. 

There is a call of something bigger. Something to live for and fight for. It brings the excitement back into life, adventure into each step, healing from the past, peace for the future, and constant fellowship with a God who is very real and very present. Not just a faith, a relationship. Jesus did not come to die for us to live half-wittedly. He came to set our hearts on fire. He came to make us come alive. He came to free us of our pasts. He came to be our best friend, father, and Lord. 

Would u partner with me today, living life the way its supposed to be lived? Jesus at the center!


T-Shirt sales


For $15, you can rock one of these or for $30, you can rock both shirts WHILE supporting 2014 Poiema Teams India & Thailand! Contact me and support my missions trip!

P.S. Research has shown (unpublished) that wearing one of these significantly improves your cognitive understanding of organic chemistry and may increase your likelihood of developing super powers!

First Fundraiser

So we just had our first fundraiser for team India and Thailand at Epicenter Church in Pasadena!
The 1st Fundraiser in numbers:
1 bomb poster +
7 cans of Lite Spam +
20 cups of sushi rice +
2 cups of (home made) soy sauce glaze +
16 nori (seaweed) +
5 gallons of Thai tea +
4 cans of condensed milk +
21 lbs of ice +
several hours of labor of love = 
1 joy-filled & successful fundraiser!!
More numbers:
# musubis sold = 104
# Thai ice tea sold = 62
-Amount we should make @$3 each = $498
-Amount we actually collected = $520 (that means some donated more-yay God!)
-Amount spent on supplies = $40 (I have all the receipts if you want to see them)
-Total Net proceeds = $480 !!!


Introducing Team India Member: Karina

Hello! My name is Karina Morales and I am a sophomore biochemistry student at Azusa Pacific University. Last year at World Mandate West God spoke to me telling me to go to India. India is the country with the most unreached people groups. With this designation comes a large space to see God work in miraculous ways. Going out on this trip I am expectant to see these ways in which God will work, knowing that as we go to glorify his name many people will encounter the power of his love. Image

Introducing Team India Member: Kevin and Louise

We are a family of 4 who loves science, music, reptiles, books, Legos, teaching but most of all, Jesus! In addition to being involved and blessed by the Azusa Pacific community for the last 7 years, we had the privilege to go on missions trips to Mexico twice and to Thailand last year. We are excited to serve in India this Summer, where many do not know Jesus yet.  It is our prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ be worshipped and adored across that land.Image

Introducing Team India Member: Trinity

Hello! My name is Trinity Williams. My goal on this trip is to mature spiritually by being placed outside of my comfort zone. I believe it is extremely important to have an open mind in spiritual matters, but it is a bit difficult to do that when someone has never been challenged on a new level. I am excited to be traveling with team that the Lord has blessed me with. It would be amazing to know just how powerful it is to work as one unit for the Body of Christ. Through this trip, I pray that I may be a big help in any way possible to the long term missions teams that are already planted. Although I am unsure what the Lord has for us, I know that with the help from the Body of Christ, monumental memories can be made for this life and the life to come. Thank You!